Kayseri Ice Ring

Working on the project that is awarded prize of Mies Van der Rohe was great pleasure for us.

2012. Kayseri, Turkey.

Dakar Congress Center

Particularly vertical sun breakers of this completely unique structure were the most challenging parts for us during the design and manufacturing phases.

2014. Dakar, Senegal.

Sipopo Congress Center

Our innovative vision is the biggest assistant when we design more transparent facades.

2011. Malabo, Equatorıal Guınea.

Akasya Residence

The more form of our work is complicated, the more we enjoy the construction which we compose.

2015. İstanbul, Turkey.

Mercury Tower


Vakıfbank Head Office

2021, Istanbul, Turkey.
Metal Structures

Nowadays, metal become one of the most essential material when esthetics structures are designed. If you wonder our solutions that make metal more functional...

Aluminum Facade Systems

You may see the harmony of aluminum and glass in every detail of facades, from our panel facade systems to sliding joinery which are developed for high rise buildings.

Steel and Glass Structures

Eccentric forms, slender steel carriers, maximum transparency...To accomplish these we use our experience, advanced engineering skill and innovative vision.

Glass Structures

Don't you want to see anything except glass?